About ACH Of America – Outsourcing HR Functions in Florida and Beyond

ACH of America, LLC represents a group of companies and service providers using a shared management and staffing team located in Altamonte Springs, FL. We can operate on a national scale and can deliver many of our program services to a majority of U.S. states. In this way, we can provide administrative outsourcing for personnel services to our clients in a cost-effective and flexible system, tailored to the needs of most small and medium-sized businesses and across multiple jurisdictions.

By bringing together clients and their employees into a larger buying group we can accomplish significant savings for everyone’s human resource, regulatory, and compliance needs. This includes any combination of services, including insurance, payroll and tax administration, benefits and claims administration, workers’ compensation, risk management and loss control, 401(k) and qualified retirement program administration.

Listing of ACH Companies and their functions:

ACH of America, LLC – a holding company that combines all of our service and delivery systems under one umbrella company.

ACH of America I, II & III, Inc. – a program of PEO services in Florida and nationwide (co-employment), similar to contract staffing but with a sharing of employer responsibilities and liabilities, as defined by mutual agreement under contract.

ACH ASO Services, Inc. – a menued approach to outsourcing HR functions

American United Employers II, Inc. – a program of co-employment services (PEO), similar to contract staffing but with a sharing of employer responsibilities and liabilities, as defined by mutual agreement under contract.

AUE Staffing, Inc. – a special division with a focus on temporary or short-term staffing needs.

ACH Insurance, Inc. – a sales and marketing agency for commercial insurance and benefits.

ACH Financial Services, Inc. – financial and accounting management services, customized to clients’ needs.


Started in 1972 to provide business insurance for local companies, ACH has since grown to accommodate much more than that. Our reputation has been steadily built upon one underlying principle. In the words of our founder:


“Our mission is to strive to provide the services we say we will provide and then some. Not only will we instill in our employees to go the extra mile, but to strive to help our clients achieve the greatest success. As a highly principled company we will make right any wrong and we will manage our company with truth as our foundation.”

Charles L. Hall

Exceptional Service Pledge

In today’s business world good ethics and trust go hand in hand, as does transparency and solid customer service. For example, when a client employer or employee calls our office they will always reach a live person during normal business hours. Clients come to really appreciate that when it is missing, which is why we tend to keep our clients for the long term.


Getting to know the team at ACH is more than just a contract, it is a commitment to you that we remain vested in your own ongoing success. Together, let’s explore how we can earn your trust and business.