CFO Services in Florida and Nationwide

Let our experienced team provide your company with reliable and accurate financial management services and nationwide. Our services are customizable and flexible for your specific needs.

  •     Oversight of your accounting and finance departments
  •     Budgeting and forecasts
  •     Cash flow projections
  •     Coordinate and represent your company with outside auditors, IRS, state agencies, etc.
  •     Represent your company with investors, bankers, regulators, Board of Directors, clients, etc.
  •     Internal controls setup and review
  •     Tax returns

All of our CFO services in Florida and nationwide can be chosen separately or combined. Hourly rates are $125 per hour for CFO services and $65 for basic accounting services. Custom packages can be assembled with reduced or fixed rates.

Red Book Accounting

So named by the state of Florida for special accounting requirements imposed upon licenses charter schools, Red Book Accounting places unique accounting restrictions upon these educational facilities. Without the experienced knowledge of these accounting standards, schools often run afoul of reporting requirements. In fact, a copy of your Independent Financial Audit Report is now a necessary and required component of your Charter School Annual Report.

At ACH of America, we have made a commitment to Charter Schools. With duly licensed certified public accountants, our experienced team of Red Book Accounting specialists prepares and files accurate and timely reports on:

  •     Fund accounting balances and general ledger activity
  •     Monthly financial statements and bank reconciliations
  •     Financial audit reports

Contact us today to learn more about our financial services in Florida and how we may be able to assist your organization.

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