Certified Human Resources in Florida and nationwide

We offer certified, outsourced human resources in Florida for our clients. Our team can save you an enormous amount of time and resources by handling essential HR functions, like benefits and claims administration services, so your team can focus on primary day-to-day activities. As part of our PEO and ASO services we underwrite complete business insurance coverage, including workers' compensation and state unemployment insurance.

The forms below are for benefits administration in Florida and nationwide, including employee out-of-pocket reimbursement and also injury report forms that need to be filled out for all workers' compensation claims.

Benefits Forms:

Injury report:
Completed injury reports may be submitted via email to workerscomp@achcorp.com or via fax to Attn: ACH Claims at (407) 792-4947.

Note: Please read the attached instructions before submitting your form. You may need the latest version of Adobe Reader to complete the Injury Report form.

Our certified HR team will provide you with all the tools your need to succeed, whether you are working with us for full PEO services or from our menu of ASO options. When you are outsourcing HR functions in Florida, it pays to work with an experienced company that is certified and commited to helping you gain efficiency and productivity.

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