Minimize risks with workers' compensation coverage

Did you know that reducing risk increases your profit? Effective risk management programs assist in managing premium costs. You will need help crafting and implementing meaningful measures that protect your company and its people. ACH of America offers competitive workers' compensation in Florida and nationwide with the assistance of our robust risk management team.

Accidents happen. It is inevitable that one of your workers will be hurt on the job. When accidents occur, workers' compensation is there to ensure your team member gets the support they need while warding off liability suits against your company. Ask us about details on workers' compensation, as well as our other programs like our loss prevention services for Florida and other states.

How We Reduce Your Risks

Businesses face countless risks. However, there are different measures you can implement to minimize dangers to your success from workplace hazards. Our Risk Management team has the experience to provide you with the highest level of service. We can help your business identify potential safety hazards and provide strong claims management.

Our goal is to work with you to minimize lost time for injured workers, manage medical expenses and reduce fraudulent claims. As part of our robust risk management program in Florida and beyond, we offer the following services:

Loss Prevention Services
  •     Initial prospect worksite safety assessment and evaluation
  •     Accident reporting and investigation training
  •     Loss reduction strategies
  •     Safety training and written safety programs
  •     OSHA consultation for compliance
  •     On-site safety risk visits for continuous analysis and recommendations
Workers' Compensation Services
  •     No up-front workers' compensation premium deposits
  •     Pay as you go premiums
  •     Drug Free Workplace Program and training
  •     Issue certificates of insurance


    Workers’ Compensation pdf

Claim Management Services
  •     Personalized claims management
  •     Claim reporting and follow up from beginning to end
  •     Maintaining communication with our clients and the claim handling office
  •     Assistance in establishing back to work programs
  •     Fraud investigation

Natural Disaster Information

In an ongoing effort to protect the safety and health of our employees, we have compiled safety information regarding disaster recovery resources. Please contact our Safety & Risk consultants at (407) 788-7112 for more information about this program.

Contact our Risk Management team to learn more about the benefits of our services for your business. We are proud to serve local businesses here in Florida and around the United States.

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