School Payroll and Tax Administration in Florida and Nationwide

ACH of America has formed its own School Administration program to accommodate the unique needs of charter schools. Since each state has its own unique requirements, we recognize our ability to satisfy them with a proven formula for success. This program delivers and manages a comprehensive list of standard services, including payroll and tax administration in Florida and nationwide.

Please review our video, The ABCs of ACH and our Charter Schools Administration PDF brochure for more information.

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Charter Schools/Education

Basic options start with employee benefits administration, payroll processing, and the preparation and filing of payroll taxes. Our human resources team is certified to help and advise on important regulations and ensure guidance on practical matters.

Comprehensive services take advantage of our expertise with financial services and Redbook Accounting standards, as well as risk management to advise on compliance and regulatory matters, like health and safety assessments. When you receive our PEO services, ACH of America becomes the “employer of record” on employees W-2s.

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ACH has the experience to optimize your business needs

ACH provides the Charter School with Workers’ Compensation insurance, Safety/Loss Control Services and many other services designed to reduce non-productive tasks so that school administrators can focus on the education and development of students.

In addition, ACH Insurance Services can help secure the best coverage for Professional Liability, and a complete line of Business Insurance coverage.

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